Help-desk For All Your Shopify Stores

Technology is moving really fast. The hassle of hiring so many customer support for your various Shopify stores is no more. This has been made possible by Gorgias. Gorgias is a platform that enables you to have an all in one help desk for your various Shopify stores.

You can handle customers from various Shopify stores in an integrated system that connects all your active support channels, eg, CHAT, Email and Messenger. The most important thing that comes from the support channels connection is the ability to store conversations for you. This way, you can quickly scroll back up and check some conversation with your clients.

Gorgias is a platform with several other features that make it a worth deal. Below are some of the benefits of its various features;

Gorgias is one of a kind as it ensures you enjoy the experience.To spearhead this goal, there are two categories of Gorgias being user-friendly;
-Mobile friendly: Are you away from your laptop, Gorgias provides you with the Gorgias app that gets you covered. You can serve your customers from different Shopify stores on the Gorgias app. The app is well built and regularly updated to reduce bugs that might cause errors in the application.


-Developer-friendly: With Gorgias, you can connect your back office and make your support team more productive by sharing with them vibrant customer context. In just a few steps, Gorgias will be connected to your back office, and you can make your support team more efficient in their service to customers.

2. Always updated.
The Gorgias is always updated. During updated which are performed almost monthly, bugs are reduced while more features are added. These features are added in relation to the feedback collected from customer surveys that Gorgias sends to their customers. Therefore be sure, you will find so many features on Gorgias.

3. Keen on user feedback.
What makes Gorgias better than other similar platforms is its concern on user feedback. They collect feedbacks regularly and act upon them to provide customers what they want.

Gorgias offers you a free trial on your first registration for you to have a taste of their amazing features.