How to Store and Prepare Potatoes

Potatoes have for years been a staple food in many of the countries. In fact potatoes are one of the most popular vegetables. Apart from being great sources of carbs and fiber they also give you a lot of potassium. Potatoes can be prepared in different ways but mostly they are baked, roasted, fried or boiled. For potatoes to last long you must store them properly, otherwise, they will go bad fairly quickly. Below some important tips that will help you to store and prepare your potatoes correctly.

How to store potatoes

• Potatoes are best stored in hessian bags which can be easily found at hessian cloth suppliers. Unlike plastic bags, these bags are well ventilated. Before you put your potatoes in these bags make sure you select them and store those that are in good condition.
• After you have packed them then store or put them in a well-ventilated, dark and dry areas i.e. with temperatures between 7 and 10 degrees Celsius. This will ensure your potatoes will last for a longer period of time
• Alternatively, you can cover the floor of your well-ventilated basement floor with hessian cloths and put your potatoes on top. Basements provide dry and cool conditions that are favorable for storing.
• Avoid storing your potatoes under very cold temperatures, for example, refrigerating them. This may end up changing the taste of the potatoes or even their color after being cooked.
• It important also to store your potatoes away from other foodstuffs that might have a lot of water.

How to prepare potatoes

• After harvesting your potatoes clean them. First, soak your potatoes for a short while to make the dirt on them loses. This will make scrubbing easy. Then scrub them with a sponge using running water while removing the eyes and the damaged parts.
• Before starting to peel make sure you have removed all the sprouts.
• Peeling. This will involve you removing the outer covering of your potatoes. In case you come into contact with and potato which appears color appears green make sure you peel until the green coloring is completely removed.
• You are advised to cook your potatoes right away after peeling otherwise soak them in water with a small pinch of salt.
• Depending on what you want to prepare with your potatoes you can cut them into small or dry them. For example, if you want to prepare French fries cut your potatoes into pieces and soak them in chill salty water to eliminate the starch.

Although potatoes are very popular and stable food all over the globe, it’s of key importance you store them and prepare them properly. Otherwise, you might end up hating them for the rest of your life.