How to Grow Potatoes in Your Garden

Monitoring what we eat is the best way to stay healthy. Cultivating our own vegetables and fruits in our garden is very beneficial. In our garden, we can grow a variety of vegetables based on their growing season and our needs.

Among its vegetables, it is easier to grow potatoes than many other vegetables because these plants germinate easily and require little maintenance. If you grow potatoes in your garden, you can get fresh potatoes directly from your home. All you need is just a little effort and some tips. Thanks to the potato, you can make a multitude of very delicious recipes.

How to grow potatoes?

If you want to reproduce the potatoes, it’s very simple, take a potato of your choice and cut it in half. You can use one of the halves or two halves together and have two potatoes growing at the same time (you will speed up the production a little).

To begin, first dip the toothpicks in half of the potato so they come out on the other side. The toothpicks suspend the potato above the bottom of the container, so that half of the potato can absorb a lot of water.

As a first step, after loading half of the potato with toothpicks, place it in the clay or plastic container. Try to slightly move the bottom of the potato from the receptacle. It is very important that the bottom of the potato does not touch the container.

The second step is to fill the container with water. Always make sure there is always enough water in the container. In general, potatoes consume a lot of water. So do not be surprised if you find daily in your container very little water.

The third step is to place your potato pot and water-filled container on the window sill so that the sun is sunny enough. Preferably, you choose a window well exposed to the sun in the morning.

Soon you will see that your potato starts to sprout from above and push roots to the bottom. Once the potato has sprouted enough, almost by all, in this case, it is ready to go to the ground. You take your potato and you will bury it all in order to put it in the air.

Little by little, you will see potatoes spread by all. Observe with astonishment what you have planted and this once represented a half-potato and literally becomes an unlimited amount of these delicious vegetables depending on the space available.